— How Can You NOT Agree With Voter ID Laws

It should be obvious to everyone that Voter ID laws make sense.  We go through this debate every now and then, but it always seems that one group of people choose to call it racism when people disagree with such concepts.  The truth however, is that we ALL know that it is not racist.  Here are some other things you need a photo ID for:

Driving a car, Buying cigarettes, Boarding an airplane, Buying Prescription drugs from a pharmacy, Buying Alcohol, Collecting unemployment, Getting in to foreign countries (exception for illegally entering), Buying a car, Collecting Social Security, Renting an apartment, and of course getting into any Federal Building.  Voting is one of those process’ we all should want to be fair, and yet, nearly every election has fraudulent voting associated with it.  Whether it be multiple votes by an individual, voting on behalf of others (straw voting), registering voters who are non-existent, or voting by people who are dead, there is a problem.  And much of this would be taken care of with Voter ID laws.  Eric Holder, of the Department of Justice is not immune.

Do we really want to suggest that if you cannot do these things, that it is because racism?  No, it’s because it makes it more difficult to cheat!  That has to be the real answer.  Photo ID’s are so cheap and all of the states who have made such Voter ID laws up to this point, have said they will pay for those ID’s if people could not afford them.

We need to get our heads on straight.  If you feel that you must cheat to get your way, you are the real problem.  Its NOT “the system” that’s wrong; its you!

Kali Pinckney