— The Facebook Guy And Socialism

Have you ever gotten into those random arguments on Facebook with “friends” of your friends that you don’t even know?  I just got into another one of those.  It was over an allegory I made about socialism.  This guy did the entire condescending thing on me and I had to respond and here it goes.  The names have been covered to protect the innocent:

Now, NEVER take the bait and get into arguments with people who want to believe in ideologies.  Unless you want to waste your time, recognize when people are attempting to bait you.  When Red Guy asks if I “Care to justify” my “Interesting comment”, he wants to argue a point that he thinks he can win.  Your response should be, just as mine, No!  The problem with Socialism should be obvious but socialists believe they can take from people and everyone will be OK with it.  They believe that because they have a positive IDEAL of how things could be in their perfect utopian world, that everyone will be on board.  But, that will NOT be the case.

Now you can’t convince everyone that you’re right, so eventually, your efforts will lead you to force people to accept your ideas.  The only way to avoid this conflict is to allow people to succeed or fail based upon their own efforts (or lack of efforts).  Socialism ONLY ensures that everyone slowly fails because the people who like free stuff will get it despite being non-productive.  Those who work hard do not benefit from their extra labor, so eventually, everyone learns not to exert additional effort because it is a waste of their time.  Unfortunately, there will always be more who take, than those who produce.

“Between two groups of people who want to make inconsistent kinds of worlds, I see no remedy but force.”  

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Kali Pinckney