— The Honey Badger — Narrated By Randall


Now if you know me, you’ll know that my favorite animal is the Honey Badger!  They are just ferociously brave.  They’ll challenge Reptiles (snakes), Mammals (big cats & canines), insects (killer bees), and others (hyenas) for food.  They can endure snake-bites that’d kill humans and they’ll run up to a Zebra like its not a big deal.  Other animals hate Honey Badgers because they’re just little assholes!  They are fearless!

Well, I ran across a video with some more flamboyant narration.  It’s pretty funny and the narrator is Randall.  Just watch it, you’ll also recognize a tad bit how ferocious the Honey badger is.

This video’s been out for awhile, but it ALWAYS makes me laugh.  A quick search of the web will result in a saying about Honey Badgers that has become popular of late, and that is; “Honey Badgers Don’t Give A  $!&#” (Choose your 4-letter word).

Kali Pinckney