— Government Ads — $1 Billion Worth — Seriously?!?!

What??  According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), the government has spent damn-near $1 Billion worth of ads and other advertising to get its words/messages out.  The question I ask is; Is this what we want or expect from our government? Or is this waste that we can save on.  Especially at a time when our government owes 15.5 Trillion smackeroos.

Now, call me old fashioned, but there’s got to be thousands of better ways to spend a billion bucks than governmental advertising.  Obviously, government will need to spend the occasional funds to get its word out. But where I see a problem is when government needs to do damage control.  If we need to know of a health problems (like SARS or ANTHRAX), that is one thing.  If it’s about governmental propaganda (support the President, government is good), It is wasteful and unnecessary.

Note the word “UNNECESSARY”.  Government is not supposed to have hobbies, Government should only be doing things that are NECESSARY, or it is not legitimate government business.

Kali Pinckney