— Freaky North Korean Children — Playing Guitar

The description of this video describes that you are about to see creepy North Korean children.  And I have to say,  yea!  These guitar playing kids are kinda freaky.  I think what does it for me is the weird communism-induced smiles on their faces.  It’s as though the government told them to smile too big for their faces (or their mommies would be thrown in re-education camps).  It’s also disconcerting how they gaze into each others eyes on preplanned cue.  Awkward!

Now, obviously, I’ve seen far more creepy stuff (Remember my favorite website KindofCreepy.com), but this is creepy in a subtle way that that leaves you wondering if everyone in the DPRK (Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea) is forced to smile despite the starvation, murder, and “disappearings” of people who speak against the government.

Kali Pinckney