— She Won A Million Bucks… And Still Gets Welfare


This is the problem with public assistance.  It is a “soul-trap!”  What I mean is that once someone begins to receive public assistance, they are slowly manipulated into staying on that assistance even longer than they expect.  The most popular display of this manipulation is through the realization that they will ear less money at an entry-level job than they receive from welfare (other taxpayers).  The applicant will begin to think they NEED public assistance, and then they feel as though they are ENTITLED to it.

At this point, there is very little that can be done to save the majority of those on public assistance; except, to stop providing free entitlements to them.  President Clinton realized this and initiated his Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act to limit Welfare.  Watch a 24-year old lottery winner as she explains that she is entitled to the taxpayer money despite the fact that she’s won the lottery.

We all run into hard times from now-and-then.  Some of us will need to get on some sort of public assistance, but is it right that someone who has  $500,000 through $700,000 bucks in the bank should use taxpayer money to buy food?

Kali Pinckney