— Here We Go — The Chevy Volt Is About To Die!!


The prophecy is coming neigh.  On February 8th, I Proclaimed the Chevrolet (Chevy) Volt Dead.  Not because I’m brilliant, but because it was so obvious what was gonna happen to the poor little piece-o-crap vehicle.  GM has just said they will “pause” Volt Production again (This is actually the 3rd production stoppage).  The Volt was doomed the moment the markets chose not to support them.  Instead of accepting it, the government interfered in the free-market and forced its production (through becoming a shareholder in GM) with taxpayer money. It wasn’t the Volt’s time!  But there’s a lesson to learn from this:

Government Cannot Dictate Success!!!

Obama and His Volt / Putin and His Lada (both trying desperately to look cool)

Just like all government created vehicles before it (such as Russia’s Lada). It is a Fatal Conceit.  By that I mean, government feels that if it had more power, it can plan and answer the problems of society only to realize that another problem has sprouted up which leads to an unintended consequence (to which they blame on others).  Instead of backing off, the conceited government chooses to create yet another law, which instead creates more problems, and further unintended consequences.  Government refuses to accept that it CANNOT fix all problems; hence, the fatal conceit.

GM may be claiming this “pause” is temporary, but despite all of the crony-capitalism (such as GE forcing its employees into Chevy Volts), and the President putting his full support behind the Volt.  The undeniable fact is; The Market does not want the Volt and therefore, the Volt will go away sooner or later, and one way or another.  It is DOOMED to failure and is not fit enough to survive.  It is done, despite any government actions to MAKE it a success.  When government does not, or can not support it financially — with further taxpayer money — it WILL fail.

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Kali Pinckney