— An “American” President — African Americans For Obama

I happened to be looking around the internet and came across A video of an American President speaking about his efforts to start a new group.  Now they all have their causes and they all want to be reelected, but what I found interesting of this new video was that it was; Introduced by Obama about a group he was starting called “African Americans for Obama“.

Since when do we start groups for ourselves???  What’s that about?  I’m gonna start Cool People for Me!  What’s even more funny is that as a Youtube video, it had 1,110 “likes”, and about 9,200 “dislikes”.  The idea was as ridiculous to others as it was to me.

I copied the screen for “when” they delete this video.

As a Libertarian, it should be obvious that I’m NOT an Obama fan (because we don’t like those who make government bigger and more powerful), but this is beyond the pale.  Should an American President do this?  Does this feel right to you as an American?  Maybe I’m being to touchy, but if you are NOT Black, does this make you feel comfortable?  Seriously! Let me know.

I believe an American President should put NO groups above other groups.  This means, if you’re not having a White, Irish, Chinese, Tongan, Indian… Whatever Group For Obama, you don’t have a Blacks/African American group for Obama.  There is a point where you are showing favoritism and I think the President is there.  Either he is desperate, or he has given up.  But this WILL cost him votes.

Kali Pinckney