— Tesla Motors “Libel” Case — And What It Taught Me

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Tesla Motors is an electric car manufacturer who forever changed the paradigm (yes, I just used that word) of the electric vehicle from a large golf cart to a damn-near sexy roadster.  They were doing good, and had one of their cars featured on the most watched (and enjoyed) auto interest show that has ever been, TOP GEAR.  The British show took the car to task — as they do every car — and Tesla’s Roadster was NOT reviewed favorably.  Tesla sued… and they lost, then sued again, and they just found out they lost again.

And then there’s me?

I’ve learned something from it.  I’ve had a lawsuit going on since 2008.  Although, my enemy is full of liars [Space Missile Systems Center in Los Angeles] who allowed ridiculous people to make decisions in their name despite the preponderance of  evidence, I’m reminded that:  THERE IS NO JUSTICE!  All I can hope is those liars involved continue to be unhappy.  I actually believe one of those guys [whose name I’ve actually forgotten at this point] will bite one of his bullets one day;  which leads me into the perfect opportunity for an anecdote:

While I was a student at California State University, Fresno, I had a professor who said; “Kali, If you hate someone, don’t wish them dead, just wish them into a job they hate — And they’ll want to kill themselves”!

I’ve found that to be a true statement.  And I will choose to let it go after a 5-year back-and-forth where every time a truth was provided, a lie from the SMC (Los Angeles) was the dishonorable response.  I just don’t care anymore because it was not the fact that I may be right, it was the fact others were lying (oh wait, the government NEVER lies).  I’ve learned to distrust cops, unions, and government and I’m a better person for it.  And, honestly, I didn’t want to do what that job would’ve entailed anyways… I made my decision earlier tonight, and I now realize the toll its been taking on me.  My heart already feels “lighter” and more “content”.


Tesla Motors, Let any further lawsuits go.  Forget what the lawyers tell you.  If you do let it go, your collective soul will be free to move on and improve your vehicles and their performance.  Let us both move on with peaceful souls.

… And I know there’s some kind of message in there for you if you happened to have found this note.  Thanks for reading.

Kali Pinckney