— Interesting Dichotomy — Illegal Alchohol, Yet Legal Cocaine


It’s Ironic that in the short history of the United States we’ve went from being a country that had legal cocaine, to a country that had illegal alcohol (prohibition).  Now we’re not talking about the cocaine that makes you high and entices you into running down the street butt-naked yelling, “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!” but we’re talking about the amounts that numb up the mouth (about the amount that was in Coca Cola).

Really? You don't see many Black cops around Prohibition era
Cocaine Toothache Drops

Now, the alcohol Prohibition gave birth and strength to the Mob, the Speakeasy, the Rum Runner (speed boats), and NASCAR (the largest spectator sport in the US).  I’m not suggesting we need to legalize any drugs but what we should learn is that Prohibition of any drugs does not work; and never will.  If demand is present, supply will ALWAYS be met.

But, despite all of the intellectual/philosophical talk; aren’t those images amazing??

Kali Pinckney

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