— Why Does The Federal Government Own So Much Land??

The Federal Government owns so much property it is ridiculous.  Perhaps it’s me and my Libertarian leanings, but what on earth could justify so much Federal Property (according to the US Bureau of Land Management) still being owned by the Federal Government?  Nothing.  Lets look at it!  — 36.6% of the State of Colorado owned by the Feds.  And just when you think that’s crazy.. There’s worse.  The Feds own over 40% of the States; New Mexico (41.8%)Wyoming (42.3%), California (45.3%), and Arizona (48.1%).  And the thought of the Federal government owning 45% of California should be a shock to most.


The Feds own HALF of Idaho!  Half!  But there are some states they own more than half of.  How can a Federal Government own more of a state than the State does?  Well, they own 53.1% of Oregon, 57.4% of Utah,  and an astounding 69.1% of Alaska.  OK, well for Alaska there is some sense to that since the Federal Government bought the land from Russia in 1867.  The worst of them all though… is NEVADA.  The Feds own 84.5% of that state!  Obviously much of it is military flying ranges and some rather large Atomic Bomb ranges but 80% should be a travesty.

Obviously, historical context dictates much of this, but the problem is growth.  When does the government ACTUALLY downsize instead of merely talking about getting rid of property, buildings, and assets that it does not use.  It just supports the premise that a Government’s purpose is to grow endlessly… until forced to stop growing.

There is irony here to.  Because the Federal Government can’t even say it owns 20% of Washington D.C. because it’s private property and the people there would become angered if the government claimed their real estate.

Kali Pinckney