— Two Brits, Destroying America, And Homeland Security

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Imagine if you (as an American) and a friend and were going to Brazil for Carnival.  You bought your tickets months in advance, got the time off from work and hopped on the plane.  Imagine if when you landed, Brazilian National Police stopped you and took you into a small room where they asked you about a tweet of yours that you tweeted to your friends… and anyone who followed you.  Imagine if you got a tad bit dirty and said that you were gonna “Blow Out” Carnival, you were gonna slay it, or even, “Fuck It Up” in Brazil.   These are common slang phrases that mean nothing to many of us but imagine if the Brazilian Security Forces instead placed you in a jail cell (with some big, tatted-up dudes), searched all of your belongings, and left you in jail overnight and then revoked your visa and banned you from Brazil.  Would that be fair, or right in any way?  Most people would say NO!  All reasonable people would say ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Well, this has happened to visitors coming to visit Hollywood, USA.  Leigh Van Bryan and a friend were obviously clubbers merely looking to travel to Hollywood and have some fun partying like rock stars.  He used the same slang that many, no doubt, TSA guys use when they proclaim, “I’m gonna destroy that chick!”  It doesn’t mean you’re going to literally harm/kill her, but merely to screw/pound her.

Is this who we’ve become?  Has our country actually become a place where the government censors what people should say on the internet?  Does the government actually consider people a threat if they make jokes of no consequence?  Are we really willing to label people terrorists and stick them in handcuffs, jail cells, and deny thier entry because of obvious quips?  WE ARE IN REAL TROUBLE and the Fed’s are leading us that way!

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TSA.. I understand that you cannot utilize “common sense” and must exactly follow your orders, but in case you don’t know this, REAL TERRORISTS DO NOT TWEET THAT THEY’RE GOING TO INITIATE A TERRORIST ATTACK.  Don’t be ridiculous!  It is Ironic that this is something the Soviet Union, East Germany, or any number of totalitarian government might do… and now, the United States Government is doing the same thing.

It concerns me most that: It seems as though, the TSA personnel at LAX did this to harass the individuals knowing that they OBVIOUSLY weren’t terrorists.  Hopefully, they didn’t do this because the suspected terrorist was gay.   It’s even more shocking that the government is scanning Social Media for keywords.  Perhaps we all should take the opportunity to tweet out some keywords like “bomb”, “America”, “destroy”, or “government”, just to overwhelm the government and remind them that FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS INHERENT IN OUR TYPED WORDS.

Kali Pinckney