— Sublime — Badfish


They say that you’ll likely always be a fan of the music you listened to when you were in high school and started to establish your sexual interests.  For me there is one band that sticks out… Sublime.  They played at parties held by friends of mine (well; acquaintances really), 18 and under venues, and even 21 and over venues (that we somehow managed to get in).  I have thier first tape, of 40 Oz. To Freedom, with its original white/green tape cover.  Nice!

I’ll always have a place in my soul for them.  One of my fondest memories was petting and watching Louie (Lou Dog) as he wandered around a smoky bar full of drunks as Sublime played on stage.  Being so young and having no cares, I didn’t think life would ever be better than that.  To this day, when I get bummed (about taxes, the state of the world, or any other minor misfortune) I turn the one constant Sublime.  Although Sublime is still around in a form, it hasn’t been the same since Bradley’s untimely demise… if there is such a thing.

Bradley Nowell's Guitar

Kali Pinckney