— The 1970’s — My Perspective

You know what?  I posted a photo of the week called The 70’s.  It was posted by a friend of mine.  I don’t know the origin but it’s worthy of a note.  Since it’ll be gone next week I’ll post it again:

Now here’s the thing;  the 1970’s represented what remained of freedom.  For the majority of the decade there was a fundamental distrust of government and a recreational drug culture left over from the late 60’s.  There were (now banned) 3-wheelers, Swinger culture, No War On Drugs (which was before paramilitary SWAT teams), there was disco, you could smoke (in a bar, restaurant, or airplane), you could ride a motorcycle without a helmet, If someone called your momma fat, you could punch them in thier pumpkin (and the cops would arrest the other guy for “fighting words”), people let thier kids watch scary-ass inappropriate movies (I watched I Spit On Your Grave way to young).  There were no state seatbelt laws.  Not every kid was diagnosed with ADHD or Autism.  They still had Asbestos, lead paint, DDT, and other chemicals everywhere.  It was Post War (mostly), but before 80’s cold war.  There was no AIDS yet.

Even though life wasn’t perfect, there was an understanding that life is NEVER perfect.  Now-a-days, many actually believe you can make everyone’s life great (which you’ll never achieve).  It was a great time to be alive.

Kali Pinckney