— Crystal Light Commerical — Too Funny

Every once in a while, a commercial kinda catches my eye.  And there’s a new one.   It’s surprising, but it’s a Crystal Light commercial.  But, hey, It’s a Crystal Light commercial with special effects.. so it is kind of manly (yep, that’s what I’m telling myself).  I actually think it’s pretty funny and well written.

As far as technically; it is perfectly filmed and they avoided what I call, the “Jet Paradigm”.  If you saw this commercial 30 years ago, you’d think it had to be real.  The HD version of the commercial is flawless.  It actually looks like there’s a jet on the beach.  I don’t know how they did it, but damn!! Now, my “Jet Pardigm”, whenever you see a crashed jet scene on any movie, tv show, or any image created by humans, they always throw in a sheared off jet engine right in front of the camera.  Sometimes, its even still loudly spinning (like on Lost). It’s annoying and it’s a pet peeve of mine… but, they didn’t feel the need to do that here thankfully! Great commercial.  I love the enthusiasm of the girl as she volunteers to go “get wet”.

Kali Pinckney