— Hand Grenades — Training Incidents Happen

Happen to come across this footage of a Chinese Soldier mis-throwing a grenade.  Now, if you’ve ever had the opportunity to toss one, you know it’s about the most powerful weapon you’ll ever get to play with.  Now, it’s not particularly that crazy that a guy got nervous, adrenalin kicked in, and he couldn’t throw the grenade.  Grenade detonations are usually within 15 meters of the thrower, and when they detonate, the pressure is felt throughout the body.  It happens all the time (especially with conscript military forces).  It’s just rare when those incidents are caught on video (and released to the web).

Now, there’s a couple things military folk will note.  (1) The fuses the Chinese use are lower class.  They actually give off smoke.  You can see the smoke as the grenade is thrown, and subsequently bounces back.  (2) This must happen more than the Chinese would like to admit.  They actually dug a full-out grenade trench around the throwing point.  Perhaps they need to move the point to higher ground so thrown grenades cannot roll back at the trainees.  (3) The trainer looks very experienced with this.  He kept his cool, watched where the grenade went, dives, then pulls the trainee back to safety.  Nice!  (4) The Chinese don’t use personal protective equipment such as vests, helmets, or eye protection.  Interesting things to note.

What’s even more interesting is that.. It doesn’t merely look like the trainer is “supervising” the trainee.  It almost seems as though, he is teaching him about the grenade.  In the US Military, there’s an entire class provided where you learn the grenade itself, and then practice throwing dummy grenades before you’re given real ones.

Kali Pinckney