— It’s NOT Christmas Until… — My Checklist

I have a four things I have to do before I can declare it a Christmas.  Now, its only my list.  Kinda dumb but.. Its what I do:


It is NOT Christmas until I watch, A Christmas Story.  This became a tradition for me back when I was in the Air Force (Damn, was it that long ago?).  I knew this girl, Cheryl, who had been watching it for years before that.  The movie is hilarious to me.  It is the story of a boy, named Ralph on a quest to get a Red Ryder, carbine-action, pump, 200 shot, air rifle.


The second thing I must do is watch another movie.  The second movie that brings in the Christmas season for me is Love, Actually.  It’s a series of parallel stories that lead into Christmas.  It is a charming movie that became a requirement for me after the first year I saw the movie.  Besides, its got the second best Christmas song of all time in it.  A rendition of All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey) sung by a character in the movie.  Damned Good!


Have Egg Nog

Yea, this started when I was young.  I don’t know what Egg Nog technically is, I don’t know how it’s made… and I don’t want to.  I assume its milk that blended thoroughly with a bunch of eggs and sugar.  That may sound stupid but…   I REALLY DON’T WANT TO KNOW.  I know its bad for you but… I want to keep this tradition going as long as I live so every year, I’ll go buy me some.  Even if it makes me fat!



This is the most important tradition of them all.  I got addicted to this video, but, I only watch it during the Christmas Season.  Its by my favorite 1980’s, punk, drunken, drug-fueled, Irish band, The Pogues.  The song is called, Fairytale Of New York.  This song features a talented singer named Kirsten McColl to tell the female side.  This song just puts me into the Christmas Spirit.  This is the Best Christmas Song Ever.  I hope you enjoy it.

Only after I do these things can Christmas happen.

Kali Pinckney