— Nigel Farage — My Favorite Euroskeptic


I never say I love politicians… If I did, however, it would be Nigel Farage who only speaks of the truth.  He is a Euroskeptic (as am I, although I am not European).  But as a freedom loving, capitalist, Libertarian, it would be impossible for me to support A Euro and a central government between nations.  Hell, I don’t even support a Federal Government that denies state rights (10th Amendment stuff).  As a UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) member, he gets to tell it the way he sees it.  It should be obvious that he is correct.

And as we move in to a period where it is LIKELY that the Euro collapses (probably next month; January 2012), he’ll likely be proven right.  Note how he asks about freedom by asking “Who The Hell Do You Think You Are”.

But, he’s fun to watch and learn from.

Kali Pinckney