— Stockholm Car Chase Videos — Getaway In Stockholm

There have always been auto chase videos.  Anyone can load a camera into their car and drive around, but then came the police and their necessity to have cameras in vehicles to collect evidence of the behavior of those they came in contact with.  What that did was give some people ideas.  Those ideas were to mix their illegal behavior with film, and they have made it an art form.  They hung cameras all over the cars and off they went.  Combined with editing for that polished look and there you go.  The first of these videos was entitled “Getaway In Stockholm”.  It is/was a great video and you got a sense of the work put into it.  You actually get the sensation of speed.

Obviously, this is not appropriate behavior, but makes for some interesting video.  Stockholm has become the Mecca to run from the cops apparently and this one video has led to a series of getaway videos.  some of which are just wild.  Here goes a direct evolution of the video above.

Go to Youtube if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

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