— Qaddafi Killed — Now The Hard Work Begins

Woke up this morning to see the news that Qaddafi was bombed, captured, and killed.  Now, It would be easy to suggest that Qaddafi was evil, threatened his own people, and therefore deserved to be bombed by NATO (FRANCE / US).  It’s even easier to be glad that he was killed by some rebels in the country he terrorized and led for the last 4 decades.  It would be easy to say that he was a bad man who deserved to be killed, due to his sponsorship of terrorism, and perhaps that’s enough to justify the US actions in this war.

But lets look at it a bit deeper.  The U.S. sponsored rebels who said they were going to overthrow Qaddafi (with their own Arab Spring) following that of Egypt.  Qaddafi threatened to stop the rebellion (within his own country).  US and NATO went in to stop him from committing a POSSIBLE massacre.  The irony is that if there were a rebellion in our country, our government would do WHATEVER it took to silence that rebellion just as most governments would (look to Spain, Russia, or China).

Obviously, no one is gonna shed tears for Qadaffi but we should not be naively fooled into thinking that the United States was justified in involving itself in the internal business of other nations because the US Govt eventually will do the same to US Citizens.  And, what if the Mexicans, Chinese, Russians, British, French, Japanese, Romanians, or ANYONE involved themselves with internal US issues by sending in military forces or flying missions.  We’d all have a fit and likely, launch some nukes at them.

But, perhaps we shouldn’t be interfering in the affairs of others?  Remember that the British built a few warships for, and ran blockades, supporting the Confederacy during our Civil War.  We (as the United States) didn’t like the interference then, and we won’t like it in the future.  And no other country would like it either.

Perhaps it’s my Libertarian spirit.  Perhaps it’s because I believe the US Civil War worked itself out appropriately, but we are not the world’s police and for a government that talks alot of crap about Bush’s military interventions, the Obama administration seems to be quick on militarily intervening as well.  Hell, we just jumped into Uganda with no national security threats directed at us.

…But what I will tell you is that for Libya, THIS IS NOT OVER!  Even in our country, we are finding that freedom must be continuously fought for or it dries up, and goes away.  Other nations, such as Iraq and Egypt are learning that freedom is hard to achieve.  One more tyrant, dictator is gone, but there are still others out there.

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