— The Brainwashing Of Black America — And Herman Cain

Herman Cain has gotten himself in a bit trouble lately by suggesting that the Black Community has been “Brainwashed” into voting Democrat.  But is there something to what he is saying?

His point was that the Black Community, when taken as a group, seemingly vote Democrat without delving deeper into the facts or issue of which they are voting.  He suggests, however, that being a Democrat alone is no longer enough [because more and more Black people are thinking for themselves].   Presidential elections serve as an example of this brainwashing.  96% [according to CNN] of Black Voters cast a ballot for Obama in 2008.  That number is curious as you can’t even get 96% of people to vote one way on any other issue (hell; according to Pew, 18 percent of people thought Obama was a Muslim).  Obviously, in the Obama election there are a number of people who voted for Obama because they never thought they would see a Black President and this was an opportunity to make that happen (which is understandable only if you believed there would never be a Black President).

But 81% of Black Americans identify themselves as Democrats [Gallup, Sep. 2010].  The irony is that it could not be brainwashing if the Democrat party actually did anything positive for the Black Community, but the only thing the Democrats have managed, is to place a chokehold around the neck of the Black-Community and make Blacks depend upon government programs.  This means that when there are issues, from national to local, the Black Community will look to government for a remedy.   Addressing problems at the local-level, is no longer an option.  There will inevitably be a chorus of people claiming that the Federal government must fund (or further fund) programs to aid the “Black community”. Have you ever heard calls from the Chinese, Irish, Jewish, Japanese, or Italian, Korean communities requesting specific Federal government programs? 

What the Democrats did NOT do was support emancipation, because that was the Republican Party that emancipated Blacks.  Democrats did NOT fight to keep the nation together, because that was the free-North.  The Democrats were NOT targeted for lynching, because the Democrat party spawned the Ku Klux Klan, who killed Republicans (both White and Black).

There appears to be a racial double standard.  If a person said he was voting for a White merely because he was White, we would all label that person as a racists (as we should).  So yes, voting for someone MERELY because he is Black must also be a racist sentiment, just as, not-voting for someone MERELY because he is Black would be.  Now what accounts for this double standard?  Obviously, in this context, it’s a belief that the Democrat Party helps and the Republican Party does not help.  But this is NOT what history shows.  Even if “brainwashed”, is not the term, a strong argument can be made for “manipulated”.  For making this brainwashing observation however, Cain was lambasted, roasted, called a bigot, and even accused of being a racist (yes, against other Blacks).  Note the video of Democratic Strategist, Cornell Belcher [below].  Why does he feel so comfortable calling Herman Cain a racist?

Such language appears to be the default for those who cannot win an argument on its merit.  What that means in American politics is that Democrats must continue to demonize Libertarians (of which I am), Tea-Party types (of which Cain qualifies), Republicans (of which Cain qualifies), and Conservatives (of which Cain is) and never allow other Democrats to even listen to the arguments of these groups.  This attempt to control available information is a factor of propaganda (think North Korea or China) and is why the Democrat Party attempted to minimize those whom they disagree, like Fox News. Remember when the White House Communications Director said of Fox News, “let’s not pretend they’re a news network the way CNN is.”

CORRECTION: Mr. Belcher suggests that the Republican Party has the history of  Jim Crow and slavery but that is our collective American History.  If you had to pick a party it would be the Democrats, as the Republican party was not created until it became a catalyst to end slavery.

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This racist charge (regardless of how stupid) appears to be an obvious attempt to silence Cain.  But you cannot label one a Racist or Bigot if he has a legitimate point.  It was on Freedom Watch (With Judge Napolitano), where Charlie Rangel noted that -at one time- Blacks “blindly” followed the Republican party.  But it should be worth noting that the Republican party did everything it could to end slavery (and Segregation) whilst Democrats would re-segregate the military and federal government.  Democrats fought against everything having to do with Blacks (remember the “Dixiecrats”) and many of their favored sons were directly responsible for racial idiocy.  As an example, Democrat Strom Thurman himself conducted the longest filibuster in Senate history (by one person) against the Civil Rights Act of 1957.  Robert Byrd was even in the Ku Klux Klan and became an Exalted Cyclops (local leader).  Only upon the shift of public sentiment due to the Civil Rights Movement and the death of JFK, did the Democrats realize that they could use the Black Community for votes (as they continue to do).  Only then did the Democrats vote for the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  And still, greater percentages of Republicans supported the CRA64 than did Democrats.  Despite this, this was the root of Blacks moving to the Democrat Party from the party of Lincoln.  As a reminder, the first elected Blacks in America were all Republicans.

First Blacks in Congress (Republicans)

Now, I’m not suggesting that Herman Cain is President material (as that is for voters to decide), but on the question of whether many Blacks are brainwashed to vote Democrat.  The answer is a resounding… Yes!  Cain was attacked as a racist by Democrats.  Too many people are all too comfortable levying racial claims against Tea Party types, Conservatives, and Republicans as being racist, while they cast those very stones of racism upon those whom they disagree.  Disregarding context, education, and history is the true act of brainwashing in America.

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