— This Is Mexico Today — Some Brave Medical Staff Though

So a lady was chilling, minding her own business in Mexico when; Bam!  She gets hit in the face. When she gets up, she notices blood, and is taken to the hospital.  She says there’s something in her face.  They X-ray her head and low and behold, there is a grenade in her face.  Doesn’t look like a 40mm grenade (US type), but a low velocity 20(or 25)mm made by several countries in the world.  In the end, she would lose many of her teeth, have her jaw broken and separated.  She would require numerous extra surgeries.

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But the real story comes after the medical staff realizes what it is.  The initial medical staff isolated her in the hospital and evacuated.  The hospital looked for staff to save her but none would.  Finally, the hospital asked for volunteers and a few brave doctors and nurses stepped up to conduct the surgery to get it out.  And they succeeded.  The police would detonate the grenade later.

What this actually means is that she was so close to the individual who shot the grenade that it didn’t go off.  These types of grenades are fired from rifled tubes (barrels) that force the grenade to spin, after spinning a certain distance (50 meters for example), the grenade is armed, upon hitting something AFTER being armed, the grenade blows.  This is a safety feature to protect the shooter.  Apparently, she was that close to the shooter (likely from a drive by).  But think about what happened.  Someone was willing to blow up innocent people selling fruit and/or drinking coffee, minding their own business.

That is Mexico Today.  Some crazy, ruthless, people, but even more good, brave people.

— Kalipinckney.com