— ARTICLE: Why No Second Obama Term

[originally published 23 June 2011]


There will be NO second term for President Obama dreambecause he’s an Wide-Eyed Optimist. It’s optimistic to think that “dreams, hope, and change” can win over “vision, hard work, and reality”. The main flaw in optimism is that anyone can be optimistic at times. We can all dream, and we can all hope things change. You’re not special because you can dream. Even dog’s dream when they sleep [and its so cute how they sleep-bark and twitch thier legs like they’re running]. What is special, however, is to take a dream, translate that into a “realistic vision”, apply some hard work and turn you vision into reality.

If one looks at Obama policies however, he’ll note that there’s a large selection of dream, and hopes. — He dreams of Universal Healthcare: — He hopes Social Justice will lead to a more fair society: — He dreams of a peaceful Mideast: — He hopes to move the US into a Green Economy.

Unfortunately for him [and us all], Universal healthcare must destroy the most innovative and successful healthcare system the world has ever known and has given innovation a level unparalleled to this point in human existence if it were to work. Not only does it give the Fed, yet more input into individual lives, it regulates how effective that healthcare will be. Some say that the government will manage healthcare better, and more cheaper but I ask them… Name one other item that the government does cheaper and/or better than the private sector? Don’t even get me started on Amtrac or the Postal Service.

He continues to hope that Social Justice will correct his perceived ills of society. Whether he chooses to acknowledge the obvious or not, he believes that the government should be in a position to determine fairness in the lives of citizens. His statement that, “At some point, you’ve made enough money”, is not just an idle statement, it is his justification for increasing the taxes on those whom have been financially successful in thier lives. In practicality, he feels that people who are rich, should pay “thier fair share” TO those who are poor. He [as many] refuse to fathom the concept, that it is not moral to take from some, to give to others. A government who uses force to seize property or money from some in order to support others eventually becomes a tyranny. Being NICE, has nothing to do with it. Why? Because its always NICE to give away other people money; especially, if you’re the one receiving the free money of others.socialist types

Dreaming of a peaceful mid-east is extremely easy to do. In fact, people have been dreaming of “peace-in-the-mid-east” for more than a century. Disregard the fact there has been conflict for a few thousand years or so. But again, hopes, nor dreams, will stop the heads from falling off the bodies in the streets of the mid-east. No one should require further explanation concerning why dreams will NEVER lead to peace.

Amongst the most silly, and ridiculous dreams the President has, is his naggish-ideals that HE and THE GOVERNMENT, are going to move us all into a Green Economy. Despite the fact that the government doesn’t create jobs, but merely sets some conditions in which the private sector creates those jobs, President Obama feels that He and a more powerful government can pick and choose winners and eventually end up with a society in which “green” products drive the US economy. This is the dream of one who has not had much experience in taking an idea from concept into market. If you need any examples, look no further than the Chevy Volt (post-unpopular GM bailout) project that has failed miserably in providing electric cars to the free market. Some months sold fewer than 300 cars… to the entire US auto market in what is a flaming debacle by any standard.

These are mere examples that represent why there will be no second term for Obama. All of these concepts represent at thier core, thoughts that average, realistically inclined Americans DO NOT share. At the center of all of these dreams is a more powerful central government that must dictate its mandates, regulations, and petty rules; and then apply force to the citizenry to meets its standards. The rub again, is that the government is successful at few of its specific endeavors. Not even socialist countries can suggest that bigger government is better. Have you been to Cuba, Venezuela, Laos, Vietnam, or the formerly socialist countries of Yugoslavia, Albania, USSR, Poland, Germany, Greece, or Grenada [oh wait: those countries are no longer Socialist… because it didn’t work!]

I predict this 2012 election will be an severe embarrassment to President Obama just as the 2010 mid-term elections were predictable and embarrassing to many in Congress. Optimism does not win the day when many are forced to live in reality.

The End!!!

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