— Ice-T and Coco in Las Vegas

There I was in Las Vegas (as all good stories start), at Vanity Nightclub.  Vanity is located in the Hard Rock Hotel.  The crowd is fashionably Vegas… Rich and Gorgeous and all.  So it was fun but all of the sudden who gets up and starts rapping (of the old school type that I can deal with).  Ice-T.  Goes through a few of his hits including one of my favorites of all time, Colors!

It was one of those moments that you just didn’t expect to go down, and yet… There he was with his amazingly cute and amazingly cool wife, Coco.  Coco was up on stage giving the crowd something to stare at while Ice layed down the soundtrack.  As some of the girls asked, Coco would bend down and take pictures with people.  She never got tired of it and that’s how you can tell that celebrity just doesn’t effect some people negatively.

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