— Article: I H8 Global Warmists

Yes!  It is strong to suggest that I hate people I don’t actually know merely because they believe man is causing the earth’s temperature to rise.  Obviously, no one should be polluting wholesale and we all need to be good stewards of our earth, but we cannot be naive to the fact the earth has lasted as long as it has.  It did not survive merely because we humans were not there to pollute it, but because it is Earth!  NASA-AS17-148-22727It has, It can, and It will survive anything we can possibly do to it.  Its survived multiple Ice Ages and millions of Asteroid Strikes.  The earth will survive our SUV’s and our waste Toyota Prius Batteries.  Afterall, it is worth remembering that all things ON the earth currently, have come from the earth.  Despite the fact we have turned ore into metal, or created plastics, long after man is gone, the Earth will reclaim those resources and turn them back into earth.

But here’s the thing.  The “REAL”  debate (argument) is about “Man-Made Global Warming“and not “global warming”.  Let us frame the facts a bit.  The earth’s temperature has ALWAYS fluctuated and HAS NEVER been constant.  Whether that be from minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour, day-to-day, or month-to-month, the weather deviates as we all recognize.  Right????  With that said, you would have to recognize that from year-to-year, there are deviations and we all MUST accept that.  OK, so follow me!  From decade-to-decade or century-to-century, there must LOGICALLY be deviation, yea? OK, so if you accept that, you cannot factually say that EVEN IF THERE WAS A CURRENT TREND (of global warming), that it is (1) abnormal, (2) not a trend, or (3) not a normal deviation.  The problem is… that you would have to have some sort of evidence that has not been doctored.   This leads us to an issue.

Besides Al Gore’s (who is not a climate Scientist) whiny disposition, the main reason why I dislike people who believe in Man-Made Global Warming is: because those who believe in it have no scientific proof (that has actually followed the Scientific Process).  Okay, there have been scientists who have said they believe in Man-made Global Warming.  But again, scientists also KNEW that global cooling was occurring back in the 70’s.  The fact is that there has been little scientific evidence beyond the Climate Research Unit in East Anglia, or the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  Ironically both have been found to be manipulating the numbers.  Both have lied, both have utilized funky statistics, and both have utilized experts whom were not experts.  In some cases, they used the work of students.  Both have done so merely to achieve biased results, that always benefit the Man-made climate change perspective; and those who would get rich off of this scheme (Al Gore).

The irony is that “many” (NOT ALL) of these people who would buy into Man-Made global warming, are the type to believe that there is no such thing as God.  They have blinded themselves to the sight that human nature prescribes for us all.  They have replaced religion with an atheistic boogie-god.  They suggest that religion is a scam because there is no scientific proof and that to believe in a religion means you must suspend logic and have this thing called, “Faith”.

gore prayWell, Man-Made global warning believers suggest that “fault” in religion while at the same time, they have “Faith” in Man-Made Global Warming.   They haven’t seen it with their own eyes, but they just “feel” it’s true because it makes sense and the scientists say so.   This is akin to the believers that listen to the words of their clergy and have faith.  They haven’t seen it with their own eyes either, but they “feel” it’s true because it makes sense.

But religion has thousands of years of documentation, written history, where global warming has become vogue within the last decade. Do I dare attempt to talk people who believe in MMGW from “believing”.  No, because that would be nearly the same as attempting to explain to a Christian or Muslim that their God isn’t real.  Man Made Global Warmists have created a means to explain the questions of their day just as ALL religions do.

Kali Pinckney