— Lord Of War — A Must See Movie

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Perhaps one of the greatest movies of 2005. Lord Of War tells the story of Yuri Orlav, played by Nicolas Cage, as a arms dealer.  Yuri Orlav is a character thought to be based on part of a real individual named Viktor Bout.  Nicolas Cage plays this character perfectly as he narrates how a Ukrainian immigrant gets into dealing arms and eventually makes it to the point that he grows his business as a successful arms dealer.  His acting is so strong it almost makes you want to become an arms dealer (as if you never thought of it before).

Ethan Hawke plays an Interpol agent who chases Yuri around the world in an attempt to bust him.  In the end, Cage’s character would be caught by  Hawke’s character just after a brilliant speech about, “why he would be released”.  This movie is destined to be a cult classic.

The movie was written and directed by Andrew Niccol and released by Lion’s Gate films.  The film made a profit in theaters covering its $50 Million budget and making a reported $22 Million profit.  The film would make even more with On-Demand, DVD, and Blueray sales.

Watch the Lord Of War intro scene.

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