— Felonious Munk — Obama, Government, Race, and Debt

Alright, I admit I’m a little bit behind on this one.  This clip is already a couple weeks old and I didn’t learn of it until today.  Felonious Munk is a comedian who is pretty damned funny.  But he takes it to a new level when he goes on a political rant; and what you’ll see below is what comes of that diatribe.


This does put him on the other side of most Democrats though.  Specifically Black Democrats who are generally supportive of anything and everything ”The Party and Obama do.  But there’s an underlying story here.  EVERYTHING HE SAYS… IS TRUE (except the Global Warming jokes).  Government can’t seem balance a budget;  Debt IS too High; and borrowing money from communist countries does seem a bit funky.  He’s absolutely right on all accounts though.   But he better watch out or someone’s gonna start calling him a Libertarian (which is all me, btw).  I even understand he’s made it to Glenn Beck TV for his views and this video.  If you voted for Obama and Glenn Beck agrees with you…  Maybe you’re not blindly following the Democrat playbook.

As far as for government, I think there may be a problem if Obama-voting Democrats are seeing sub-par performance out of those whom they voted for (as Felonious Munk suggests he did).  Looks like 2012 is gonna be a very good, or very bad year; depending on your political affiliations.

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