— An Open Letter To Flashmobbers — Why A Flash Mob?

Again?  Really?  How many times must I look at the NEWS and see that a bunch of younger, and sometimes older (not more mature) individuals share a store location over thier cell phones and then run in and raid it at the same time in order to rob the place with the hope that there is power in numbers.  This is animal behavior.  Pack behavior is how [name your animal] survives.  Whether it be mice, dogs, ferrets, wolves, hyena’s, and other groups of animal.  And now, we have humans, who know better, and aren’t doing it as a matter of survival.  This is a shame!


If you are part of a flashmob and steal from others, not only are you a failure, but so are your parents, and your grandparents because they made you!  You’re showing a disrespect for the belongings of others and even more disappointing, a disrespect of the efforts and investment of others with no empathy of what another is attempting to create.  Hopefully, they are ashamed of you and your behavior.  Where did you learn that this behavior was appropriate?

What you apparently do not seem to care about is that… You’re stealing from others who are trying to make a living as well.  Some of them actually decided to invest in a business and sell products.  You have to know that those business people are buying products with thier own money and putting that in a store so others can come and buy from them in the hopes they can make money, pay thier employees, and improve thier lives.

When you run into someone else’s place and steal from them, you are a criminal and you should be ashamed of yourself.  You actually DO NOT deserve the freedom you have.  Imagine if you worked and got to the point where you started a business; only to have some foolish criminals run in and steal your merchandise as you attempt to make a living for your family.  You might just begin to understand that people are stealing your profits directly from you.  This may perhaps give you a pause as to your bad behavior.

I’m ashamed for you!  And I only hope you accept responsibility for your actions.  In one sense, it MIGHT be understandable if one stole bread because he was starving (MAYBE), however, there is NO excuse for stealing stupid stuff like candy, soda, beer, cigarettes, jeans, cell phones, shoes, DVD’s, or something like liquor from anyone.

Just one man’s thoughts.  I’m going to leave comments open on this, just in case anyone has thoughts about what I say (Which I do NOT expect).

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