— The Republican Party… Is Dying!

Way back yesteryear, there was a political party called The Whig Party.  The Whigs were established in 1834 as opposition to President Andrew Jackson and his policies, specifically those concerning Native Americans, The Bank Of The United States, and the perceived misuse of Presidential War Powers.

The issue of slavery vexed the Whig Party.  Those Whigs from the north would become known as the “Conscience Whigs” because they opposed slavery while the Whigs in the south became known as the “Cotton Whigs” because, obviously, they wanted slaves out in the fields picking cotton.  The only outcome for this divide was obvious.  The Whig Party would eventually split up.

American cotton pickers / mississippi

Northern Conscience Whigs would start a new Political party with Abraham Lincoln called the Republican Party (and successfully fight to end slavery), while the Cotton Whigs would be defeated and dissolved mainly into the Democrat Party (whom called their support of slavery, “States Rights”).

Jump forward to March of 2009 and a movement of Americans are disgusted with taxes, unnecessary government intrusion, out of control government spending, and ever-increasing and unfathomable debt.  This new party springs out of the revolutionary American spirit of fighting against those whom tax the citizenry unfairly (look no further than the Stamp Act).  They call themselves the Tea Party and they will eventually elect Tea Party Members whom will go to Congress and NOT be sullied, nor corrupted by the political landscape in Washington D.C.

They will do what the people who voted them in expect of them; and for their honesty and their loyalty they will be labeled as Racists.  When that fails to stick, they will be called Jihadis, Hostage Takers, Extortionists, and Terrorists by both the establishment Democrats (predictably) and establishment Republicans (unanticipated).  Imagine a sitting Vice President suggesting that citizens of his own country, whom merely want their own government to stop excess spending, are acting like Terrorists.  But it makes sense when one is reminded that the Vice President in question is of the Democrat persuasion.  Why does this make sense you ask?

Because the Democrat party is NOT, nor has EVER been based upon the individual.  Whether it be their support of people owning other people, or their failure to accept the idea that unions are NOW shackles that enslave individuals to a larger collective (despite any desires to be individual).  The Irony is that the Democrat Party has survived its history of opposition to the individual and it will survive past the Republicans due to its complete lack of static principle.  The Democrat Party will evolve its viewpoint on any and every issue except those whom the upper echelon fully support.   The leaders of the Democrat party are akin to the pigs on the Animal Farm [“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others“].

This is not the case for Republicans as they think as individuals and recognize the efforts, failures, and achievements on an individual basis.  Where Democrats place everyone in their tidy group to be utilized by government (blacks, seniors, taxrichhispanics, the poor, gays, the rich, ect., ect.) in order to enforce an arbitrary fairness amongst all (some call it Social Justice, many throughout history have called it that evil S-word, “Socialism”), Republicans are aligned as individuals whom see government as a threat to individual rights, as written per the Constitution.

Unfortunately, the leadership of the Republican Party has failed to accept that non-politician Republicans want governmental spending limited.  That they want taxes left to only those required to be taken from the individuals without passion or prejudice (and not the “Fair Share standard”).  Instead, politician Republicans have chosen to push forward on a path contrary to a limited and restrained government.

This time around, taxes, spending, debt, and the role of government will replace that slavery of the past.  The interesting question will be; who will step up into the gaping vacuum the Republican Party will leave?  Will it be an actual political party established as, the “Tea Party”, or will it be the third largest and fastest growing American political party, The Libertarian Party?  Likely, it will be some combination of the two since both share the urge for smaller government, adherence to the Constitution, and individual freedoms and rights… above all else?

It is merely a matter of time before the establishment Republicans realize they have become mirrors of the Democrat party, with whom they used to spar.  It is a matter of time before “Conscience” Republicans leave the establishment Republican Party to be with those whom are willing to address the real issues of; — individual liberty, — big government, and the attack on the citizen BY government (the “T-word”, Tyranny).  The Establishment Republicans, whom lost “Conscience” on the individual, will, one day, open their eyes to the recognition, ‘that they have become the Cotton Whigs.

The Republican Party is, indeed; dying!

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