— Amy Winehouse’ Unfortunate Demise — My Perspective

Positve Rememberence

You know what?  Twitter is alight with the stars and celebs voicing thier sadness and distress by the demise of Amy Winehouse from this world.  I loved the way her voice sounded.  The tone of it was just… yummy!  But we have to put this all into perspective a bit.  She was a troubled soul who didn’t want any help from us.  She wrote a song about not going to Rehabilitation. It is rumored that before she died, she purchased; Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy, and Special K (Ketamine).  We don’t know if she was going to use that for herself… but we all knew she was using if we look to ourselves.  That is all sad, but there’s a bigger issue.

All kinds of folk are coming out of the woodwork stating how “Devastating” and “Tragic” this is.  How “Sad” and “Unfortunate” this is.  But again, we all knew we’d wake up one morning and find that she had either killed herself or overdosed (or technically both).  I think we all saw this coming… and it does suck perhaps, but here’s the perspective…  This is a day after 92 (and counting) people were killed by a man apparently angered by his country’s government.

Now, which of these acts is really the tragedy?  Amy Winehouse; whose death we all saw coming, or the innocent people killed while at a youth camp? Was her singing talent that brilliant that we should all take pause and contemplate our own lives?   Should we balance her vocal and creative talent and compare that with the diverse and numerous talents and potential of the 92 victims in Norway?

I’m certain the truth is that some of these celebrities built upon the collective sadness and maybe felt they should say something about it… but, perspective is skewed despite how talented she is, or was.   Why do we find it so easy to speak to Ms. Winehouse, but not innocent’s murdered?

Now, unless she was your sister, daughter, neighbor, teacher, personal friend/acquaintance, or lover, the death of Amy Winehouse… was certainly no “tragedy” despite the loose or artificial feigned sadness, but she will be remembered for her life and her music.

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