— Alamo Draft House Theater — The Text Voicemail

Alright, we’ve all been in a theater when someone started texting or using thier phone.  Even if you can’t see it, you can see the light; and you start thinking to yourself.  What kind of idiotic loser uses thier phone in the theater.  This is what happens when you get an immature kid, whom thinks she is entitled to something (her parents fault) mixes it up with the Alamo Draft House Theater in Austin, Texas.  Enjoy:

Look.  If you turn it on, and it goes off in a matter of 5 seconds or so… it means you’re being respectful and trying to shut it down or turn of the phone.  If you’re typing a message… You’re kind of a disrespectful, discourteous, arrogant douche-bag!  Manners people!

I love the fact that they turned it into a commercial and posted it.  It is hilarious and maybe someone learns something from it.

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