— The Hangover (Part II) — #1 Movie In America

Hangover 2 Movie PosterAlright, Along came the highly anticipated sequel to the cult-classic comedy, the Hangover.  In this second part, the Wolfpack (you have to see the first part) makes its way to a wedding in Bangkok, “Thailand”.  As they make thier way out to have a drink, it all happens again.  ** This movie just hit the theater’s two days ago so I’m gonna be kinda vague as not to ruin it for people. **

I had no idea how the writers were gonna be able to beat Hangover (in Vegas) but they have done so… To be more accurate.  Bangkok provided a setting that Las Vegas cannot possibly compete with.  That is hard to acknowledge, especially since I used to live in Vegas and can attest to some wild happenings.  Some of the more interesting directions they use is reintroducing the characters in a way that is not at all predictable.  In one case the use the same actor for a totally different role without bringing it up.  The story wraps in a way that despite the theme, is completely different than part one.  I have heard NO ONE claim that it is predictable.

This movie is well crafted.  Towards the middle of the film, the pace was intentionally slowed to allow for a crescendo toward the end.  The writers must have realized that they couldn’t have a movie that was constantly occupied with random acts of comedic interludes.  That if they did jump from one crazy act to another crazy act, that the audience would get upset or suggest that the producers were trying too hard as is the case with most other sequels.

The movie quality speaks for itself with this movie gaining the record for The Best Weekend Opening for a Comedy (R-rated movie) EVER.  It is hilarious and well deserved.  After this past weekend, it can claim to be the #1 Movie in America

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