— Sony Cybershot T90 – A Review.

I’ve gotten my hands on the new Sony Cybershot T-90 model (DSC-T90). T-90 camera It is the most amazing point-and-shoot I have ever used.  Some of the best qualities you can imagine are packed into one of the thinnest camera bodies I’ve ever seen.  It is about the same dimension as a credit card (obviously its thicker than one).  The camera looks great all around and you should be able to find a color that fits your freaky, perverted personality.  The 5 colors are Silver, Grey, Brown, Black, and Blue. You can even buy more than one if you are compelled to match you outfits.

It still has all the functions one would expect, however, the T-90 ensures that you can get to the information much easier than any other camera.  IT HAS A TOUCH SCREEN!  Crazy huh?  The touch screen makes things so easy to navigate through and to review all of your pictures.  You can even “flick” through the pics you took as though you were using an IPhone.   This equates to the camera only having about 4 buttons on the outside of the camera.  Power, Play, Zoom, and shutter/trigger.  And you never really need to use the Power button because you can just open or close the front slide to turn it on or off.

One of its best features are its Low-Light capability.  You can literally take a no-flash picture it night and the camera Sony t90will make all of the adjustments and take the best shot it can.  Its Anti shake capability is pretty amazing also. The camera figures out the optimal time to take the picture and it seems seemless.   With the Carl Zeiss Lens’, you can focus on items about an inch away from the camera itself.. It is truly amazing.  The 12.1 Megapixel capability doesn’t hurt either.  I actually love the fact that they got rid of ridiculous “digital zoom”.  Everyone should follow suit with this. I’ve always hated that crappy feature.

Another spectacular feature of this camera is the Panorama Mode.  You just point in the area you want to shoot, push the button, an arrow pops up on the screen and you just move the camera in the direction.  Sony calls it a sweep, and after you sweep the area you want the panorama of, the computer takes over process the image and lays it out for your review.  I’ve gotten into the habit of creating Panoramas of rooms and they come out very interesting I think.


The other great factor is that the camera gives you a great compact platform to take digital video in High Definition.  When transferred to computer the footage comes out better than other cameras.  It is gonna be a bit grainy but just accept it.  It still looks great. The downside of this camera, if there is one, is that it requires a dedicated battery and a specific charger for that battery.  You can no longer go out and buy some AA’s if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and your battery’s dead; you’re not taking pictures. What you can do, I guess, is go out and buy a second battery and have that charged and ready to go.

It is without a doubt more powerful than my 5 year old Canon Eos Digital Rebel.  Obviously it doesn’t have the optics to be better than a full Digital SLR but it is more utilitarian and less fragile.  The T-90 can be “safely” dropped from 4 feet (though I wouldn’t risk it), and it has a measure of waterproofing.  I’m told down to 33 feet, even though I can’t find/cite, where I’ve seen that information.  I think it was listed as a feature in the at-store advertising:  No matters though; I wouldn’t risk it!

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